Panama’s EXPOCOMER 2014- A Continuing Success

ExpoComer's brochure.

ExpoComer’s brochure.

Probably the most well attended International trade convention in the Western hemisphere, Panama’s Expocomer is, again, opening its doors to the world of international trade this week in Panama. Location: Atlapa Convention Center Dates: March 26 – 29 2014 (wednesday thru Sunday).  Times: March 26 – 28: 1 PM – 8:30 PM; March 29 11 AM – 7:30 PM.

Information for Exhibitors

Expocomer is a multi-sector trade exhibition. The main categories of Expocomer are: food, textiles, construction, technology and services. This is the ideal place for your company to showcase their products and services to local and regional markets, introducing new products to market, evaluate your competitors and use the Colon Free Zone as a bridge to re-export of products to the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

The EXPOCOMER Business Center receives trades Missions from Africa, America, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe. This allows businessmen to contact more than 2,500 companies in order to explore commercial opportunities in Panama and abroad. During the exhibition, the Business Center books appointments between buyers and exhibitors based on the companies profiles through a matchmaking software available at their website

Business in Panama

Panama has a strategic geographic location.

An economy based on the U.S. dollar.

Multimodal Transportation System.

Access gate to international markets.

A modern International Banking Center.

The largest Duty Free Zone on the Western Hemisphere.

The Panama Canal, the most economic and secure way of maritime transportation.

Booth Pricing

Atlapa Convention Center offers two floors of space for exhibitos’ booths. Depending on which floor, which area of the floor and the size of the booth*, the prices vary.

Upper Level: Orange area (less visibility) Plan A: US$145.45 – $1,305.55; Plan B: $176.55 – $1,588.95

Green area (more visible) Plan A: US$155.15 – $1,396.35; Plan B: $192.60 – $1,733.40

Ground Level (Where most of the booths will exhibit):

Blue area: Plan A: US$176.55 – $1,588.95 Plan B: $208.65 – $1,877.85

Orange area: Plan A: US$144.45 – $1,300.05 Plan B: $176.55 – $1,588.95.

Green area: Plan A: US $155.15 – $1,396.95 Plan B: $192.60 – $1,733.40

Yellow area: Plan A: US $187.25- $1,685.25 Plan B: $230.05 – $2,070.45

* Click here for booth sizes.

Additional Services

In addition to the Business Center, Expocomer offers special services to make your stay easier during the exhibition such as: Press room, decoration services, sign services, furniture rental, plants rental, computerized registration, restaurants, air fare discounts, special hotel rates, custom agents, bank services, electrical and telephone facilities, international calls and Internet.

Visit Expocomer’s official site for booth sizes and additional information this year at EXPOCOMER 2014.

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