We developed the idea for this web site from the inspiration left by our Silver People ancestors, those Black Silver Roll workers who left their Caribbean island homes to seek work on the Panama Railroad and The Panama Canal starting in the mid 1800’s.

Largely due to their labor, unbounded determination and inordinate strength, these two projects were completed on schedule.  The completion of the Panama Railroad, which provided a shorter and safer route for the eager treasure seekers headed for the California Gold Rush, and The Panama Canal had an enormous impact on world commerce as we know it today.  The Panama Canal, especially, was also responsible for altering the natural landscape of the isthmus as well as shortening and improving the navigation route for thousands of companies with products and resources to offer.  They could now send their cargo through a shorter and safer route.

The Silver men and women of Panama felt they were a vital part of these dynamic projects even to the point of giving up their lives to tropical diseases, horrendous train accidents, explosions and great challenges to their mental health.  More than 25,000 lives were lost before the Great waterway was even opened in 1914.

On Silverpeople.biz we want to highlight and encourage all commercial activity with a conscience.  We support businesses with a sustainable, ecologically conscious base that have as part of their essential business goals to encourage sustainable use of our planet’s limited energy, water and human resources.

We like to highlight businesses and organizations worldwide and particularly in Panama that are trying to make a difference by providing goods and services in keeping with more sustainable principles. In this way we strive to assist people, agencies and companies in their efforts to reduce our negative impact on the earth and use our precious resources more efficiently.  We all, regardless of our age, have a stake in the future.

Please make a donation or advertise with us on this site.  We will donate 95% of all proceeds to The Silver People Heritage Foundation.

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