Fiesta Afro 2014- Afro Fest Panama

FIESTA-AFRO-_-PANAMÁAside from the Afro Heritage Parade in Colon (Desfile de la Etnia Negra), this year Panama’s Casco Viejo will host the Arte en la Plaza- Fiesta Afro 2014.  It promises to be a decent cultural display dedicated to Panama’s Black Ethnicity Celebration which is being observed during the month of May.

Date: Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time: 4PM

Place: Plaza Catedral Casco Antiguo

Cost:  FREE!!!

Activities:  There will be stands for artisans, photographers, painters, dance (Afro dances), and an offering of many different West Indian (Afro Antillano) products.  Don’t miss it!

Afro-Centric Fashion in Panama: REMAP

AfricanFashionmod2014REMAP stands for Red de Mujeres Afro Panameñas, and these lovely, young women upstarts to the fashion industry in Panama are promoting their next African Fashion Festival during the month in celebration of Black Ethnicity as El Lado Afro de la Moda, the Afro Side of Fashion. We are very excited about this promising fashion offering and cannot wait to attend.  In a future post we will tell you more about the marvelous women of REMAP. Continue reading

Afro-Centric Fashion- Black Ethnicity and the Industry of Culture

An example of one of Alex Adames’ Afro Centric designs.

Since the U.N. extended The International Year for People of African Descent in 2011 to an additional 30 years, the Internet has been abuzz with people searching for articles on the topic of Afro-centric fashion.  It seems that not only the people of African descent around the world are taking a new pride in how they dress and, more importantly, how they feel in what they wear; the Asian and European nations are also taking a closer look at African fashion design. Continue reading