Retiring to Panama- Your Options

Our own jubilados enjoy their regular games of dominoes and their daily ration of sunshine in the older sectors of the city.

Panama has become one of the most touted places in this hemisphere in choosing a place to retire to, especially in the United States, and for good reason. However, let’s update the information that is out there so that you may make an informed choose.  It is one thing to watch the promotional infomercials highlighting Panama as a retirement haven, however, it is an entirely different issue to actually come to live here for good and, essentially, invest your hard earned retirement income here in Panama. Also, as we’ve advised many friends in the states and Canada, you need to make an exploratory trip to Panama and soak up the atmosphere as well as the realities here to include the “gut feelings” you pick up in your plans. Continue reading

More Accountability Sought in the Real Estate Sector in Panama

In recent months the consumer protection arm of the government, prompted by the enormous volume of complaints issued against real estate developers, promoters, etc.., have embarked upon a lobbying campaign to promote the passage of a law that would seek to protect consumers from unscrupulous practices in the real estate sector. Continue reading