Now Dubai’s Emirates Airline to Fly Non Stop to Panama

EmiratesairlinesThis was great news for all travelers to and from the Royal Emirates to Panama.  I just had to re-print it here from this article.

“Dubai (AFP) – Dubai’s Emirates Airline announced Thursday it will launch the world’s “longest non-stop flight” in February from the bustling Gulf emirate to Panama City, lasting more than 17 hours.
The carrier will fly daily to Panama’s capital in a passenger flight operated by a Boeing 777-200LR aircraft which can also carry up to 15 tonnes of cargo, Emirates said in a statement. Continue reading

The “Dubai of Latin America?” Part I

F & F Tower, or “The Screw” (no pun intended), 6th tallest skyscraper in Panama.

Burj al-Arab in Dubai. Luxury hotel. Image thanks to

Burj al-Arab in Dubai. Luxury hotel. Image thanks to

These days in Panama as well as abroad, we are hearing the expression “The Dubai of Latin America” and I cannot help but smile and observe how most folks simply accept this notion without really questioning its veracity. First of all, many Panamanians of average intelligence and educational background cannot tell you where Dubai is and, secondly, they haven’t the foggiest notion as to how it is that Panama has come to be viewed as The Dubai of Latin America when a couple of years ago they never knew of the existence of this place. Continue reading